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singles/eps - april 2017


Hermitess - 'Blood Moon'

It takes the video about a minute to get to the actual song but stay with it, 'Blood Moon' and its ethereal, fragile melody will leave a lasting impression as it swirls away as mysteriously as it arrived.


Sammy Brue - 'I Know'

If what I just read is even half true the US alt.folk scene is falling over itself to hail Sammy Brue as the actual heir of Dylan, Cash and Woody Guthrie, which is a bit of a tall order for a singer songwriter yet to reach his sixteenth birthday, even an admittedly talented and prodigious one as Sammy is. 'I Know' is a pleasant enough folksy number, but whether he'll be collecting Grammy awards a decade from now is as yet undecided.


Moon Duo - Sevens

Practically every publication you can think of are kneeling in worshipful praise of Moon Duo but do forgive me if I'm somewhat less than overawed by the slightly ponderous 'Sevens', a song that requires an indefinable something to really get those lunar vibes happening.


Souvenir Driver - 'Photographs'

Moody, grimy Dreampop played with a bit of enthusiasm from a Portland band, sounding somewhere between Black Lips and the Brian Jonestowns. Well known Classic FM dj Alex James likes them so they probably are quite good. The video is very instructive for anyone that ever wondered 'exactly how do flowers grow?'


Ben Marwood - 'The Devil Makes Work For Jazz Hands'

I think he's been around forever, perhaps Reading's best regarded singer songwriter and it's a very on form Ben Marwood singing 'you all must die' as the chorus of the single that is bringing him to our attentions around a decade on from his first recordings (which I dimly recall reviewing back in the day).

Dig Deeper - 'Stars Tonight (Have You Seen)

Channelling their inner Grateful Dead, Norwegian psyche rockers make a sound reminiscent of Neil Young's Crazy Horse at their most righteous, and some meaningful lyrics with that - 'have you seen yourself from the outside? think you need a mirror' then going for a lengthy instrumental break that's probably longer at their live shows.