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interviews-autumn 2006

Goldie Lookin Chain

As Welsh hip hop legends Goldie Lookin Chain announce their 15 date Christmas Party (Doing it for the taxman) tour of the UK in December 2006, Sam Edwards gave Eggsy from the band a grilling...

Madonna recently courted controversy by incorporating a crucufiction-based sequence into her live act. Can we expect to see any mock executions/biblical references/other gimmicks at forthcoming GLC dates?
We did a show in Dublin about a month ago and we found a giant crucifix backstage, Mike balls was going to get on it and actually do the crucifixion but it was too hard to keep the cross upright. I want to have an inflatable Santa on stage........I think i can get one too.

Gruff Rhys once described the prospect of a GLC tour as 'frightening'. What's been your scariest on-the-road moment so far?
Once on tour in germany me and Billy had stopped to have a fuel break when the bus drove off without us, we rang the driver and he stopped to drive back, we had to wait for about twenty minutes on the side of a forest road. After 15 mins we saw this massive german bloke with no top on carrying an axe through the woods. He screamed some stuff at us and starting trying to charge at me and me and Bill. Just then the bus turned up and we ran on locking the door behind us. He smashed up the front of the Bus and we had to hold him off for an hour before the police turned up. After they restrained him they told us he was a local psycho who had just cut his family up............FUKIN BONKERS.

How do you prepare for a tour?
We go paintballing as adam used to work for British Gas and he can still get a good rate on corporate events.....He sexed up a woman who can get us a deal. We usually talk about girls for a bit and then watch a horror film in a small room with zero ventilation, this event prepares us for true Bus life..............FUKIN YES!

How have the group progressed musically and personally since debut album 'Greatest Hits?'
I think we have tried to express ourselves in as best a way as possible, Adam can stuff a load of fifty pence coins in his foreskin and shake them like a Marraca.............This is actually true which is what makes it even worse......Oh god hes going to kill me...Fuck is funny when he does it.

Maggot - did you enjoy your stint as 'Britain's third most popular celebrity' and do you have any plans to reinstate yourself as a mainstream media idol?
Maggot is trying to become the face of "Axe deodorant" it is like Lynx but you get it in Pound shops. Its funny smelling but the design on the can looks just like lynx...........Axe has great smells with names like "Nightshift" and "Mango Paradise" Google it.

Was there and inter-band jealousy caused by Maggot's high profile post-Big Brother?
I was so upset by the whole affair that i locked myself in my room for twelve weeks during the summer............That teached him.

What's the largest sum a GLC member has spent on a single item of leisurewear?
Billy Went to Paris on Eurostar just because he wanted to get this wicked leather tracksuit made by Le Coq Sportif. It cost 800 quid and when he got home we saw one just like it up Chepstow Market for 600........Gutted

Who are the group's musical and non-musical influences?
I love old cartoons like Mr Rossi and I love old tv, weird old people are cool, Jeff Beck. Donny Hathaway, Freefall Parachuting, Dave Mustaine from Megadeath. Jordan, Iím a celebrity get me out of here, Day of the Jackal, Manchester Utd, Liverpool, Acorn Antiques and Robert Mugabe but only for his fashion.

Dancing: pole or lap?
Both, but with a full pump as well..