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  gig reviews - tasty 20

- NME Tour Live

Live - The Datsuns/Polyphonic Spree/Interpol/The Thrills
Nottingham Rock City

Through darkness and light…

Driven by anxiety, I arrived at Rock City at 6 30 pm, when the doors were opening at 7. I was in for a night full of surprises! My main reason to go along to this gig  was to see Interpol. However, when The Thrills started playing their first song “Till the tide creeps” I was glad to be on the very  first row ( it was worth getting there early!) The Irish boys did pretty well, with amazingly good old rock n roll songs. Mind you they haven’t even released an album yet. First thought in my mind were influences from Teenage Fanclub and The Beach Boys plus all the good feelings that one can get from those… With songs like “Your love is like…”, “Old friends” and “Big Sur”, my expectations of the night were high, especially because I had pictured The Thrills to be more of the like of not-so-appreciated bands like The Hives and The Vines (perhaps due to the similarity of the name?) Lights down. It’s Interpol on stage!!! Wow. In their cool suits and ‘hairdos’, they started the set with the atmosphere rising “Untitled”, bringing about those dark but comforting feelings you get from their music.    Following that, we delighted ourselves with “NYC”, “Stella was a diver and she was always down” and the so expected “PDA”. Unreal. They sounded perfect, the solos and keyboards and vocals matched and all was magnificent… The guitarist Daniel posed to photographers about (and kept up with the solos!), drummer Sam came to ask Paul, the singer, for a light middleway through “NYC”’s solo. How cool is that?! Really cool. The only uncool thing about Interpol was that their set was too short…

Up for more unexpected goodies- Polyphonic Spree’s shiny and uplifting atmosphere. Singer Tim DeLaughter walks on stage wearing a Robin Hood hat, greeting the crowd, while throwing some balloons to us…Around 25 people on stage – perhaps it was the first time Rock City’s stage was that full- all of them wearing the white robes and all. The Sprees were contagious- in a really good sense; even if you didn’t know the lyrics, they made you sing along! They kicked in with “Have a day”, followed by “It’s the sun” and by the time they played “2000 places “ they had created a really warm atmosphere (it even included DeLaughter’s moshing!) that made you forget about the troubled world outside.

Next came The Datsuns. Most people, I presumed, had come to see them. Not me. But I still held my first row in loco position… how I regretted that when The Datsuns started playing…plus I felt sorry for any of their fans who were all the way back in the crowd… I mean, they were really energetic and probably good…but definitely nor for me! Before they came for the encore my friend and I left. Wait! The night was not over yet! To my surprise and happiness, later that night I managed to have a friendly and cool (Gosh, they’re cool!) chat with Daniel, the Interpol guitarist, who was hanging around at The Rig afterwards. And he was not the only one, his other band fellows were there as well. The night ended up being full of excellent surprises and fulfilled expectations with the short but substantial set by Interpol and the joyful feelings that both The Thrills and Polyphonic Spree inspired.

Aline Lemos