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tasty summer party...


Carpe Diem
Great George Street

Admission FREE includes drinks offers and DJ all night. Bar open until late

'There's something most satisfying about the way that TEAM jerk between genres like they've got a barrel of ants in their boxers. Their demons judder though this noise charged debut like their straddling a barbed wire tightrope between stop-start post rock and intensely paranoid punk...TEAM wield an amalgam of apocalyptic noise that rips through other bands like a chainsaw through flesh.' - Kerrang

Listen to TEAM on Myspace

Eagle Eye
"Formed at the very last minute before the close of 2004, Eagle Eye are a three piece synth-party-rock outfit hailing from Leeds and featuring members (or ex members) of various bands including (but not limited to) Kill Yourself, Eighty Six, That Fucking Tank, Buzzkill and The Mad Things. Stripped down and heavy, The Eye beams forth, sounding not unlike a cross of Arab on Radar and The Fall, with the dual vocals perhaps reminding you of Gang of Four.

They have recently recorded for a single to be released on Jealous Records late-summer and will be playing gigs in celebration of said endeavour. Eagle Eye will come to save you, baby."

Listen to Eagle Eye on MySpace

Tired Irie
‘Sputnik Vs Apollo’s’ mantra of “I dreamt of broken teeth” approaches by stealth through the disturbing shadows and spills out into glorious harmonies and round singing. Rhythms lurch, guitar punch and tear until the whole piece wraps up in a tangle of Godspeed meets At the Drive-In ferocity. Makes for inspiring listening and one can only imagine that future directions will be doubly so.'

'Sputnik vs Apollo' MP3 [2.3mb]