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submitting demos and submission policy...

...if you'd like us to review a record for you then email us at info @ .

We have finally joined the digital age and so there is no longer any need to send us CDs (feels a bit like when Queen used to write 'we now use synthesisers' in their album notes). Please follow the simple guidelines below:

  • we can review singles from streams or video but EPs and albums will need to be in a downloadable format

  • DO NOT attach MP3 or ZIP files to emails - we will delete them straight away! Just include a link to the download location for the tracks and any press release/info to accompany them.

  • all submissions are then offered to our team of writers for review - not all will be taken up every time. Please don't keep repeat emailing about the same release - if it hasn't been covered after the first time of asking then unfortunately we probably have no-one available to listen to it at that time.

Sorry but we cannot guarantee to review material on line or in electronic kits. Please don't send unsolicited MP3s or large files - we will treat them as spam and delete immediately!



...thanks to all of the following who have contributed by writing reviews or helping out at gigs:

Ian Anderson, Richard Ash, Brad Bailey, Alex Ball, Stuart Bannister, Andrew Bayliss, Olivia Beattie, Tim Birkbeck, Shane Blanchard, Catriona Boyle, Stuart Bowen, Matt Brown, Andy Buchan, Nick Burman, Louise Butler, Willa C, Sammy Cain, Jimmy Cairney, Rachel Campey, Christopher Carney, Lewis Carter, Anthony Chrisp, Alex Clark, Hannah Clarke, Will Columbine, Phil Coales, Leighton Cooksey, Thom Curtis, Imogen Davies, Natalie Davies, Joe Doris, Jordan Dowling, Patrick Dowson, Luke Drozd, Claire Drury, Sam Edwards, Robin Fahy, Daniel Fell, Stephanie Galbraith, Lucy Gibson, Andy Glynn, Shaun Goldsworthy, Wolfgang Guenther, Jon Gordon, Sean Gregson, Jon Groves, Matthew Haddrill, Benjamin Hiorns, Simon Holbrook, Greg Holland, Ruth Holmes, Bill Howe, Olivia Jaremi, Stepehen Jessep, Jim Johnston, David Jones, John Kertland, Amie Kimpton, Erin Kubicki, Navi Lamba, Matt Latham, Victoria Levitt, Gareth Ludkin, Iuean Jones, Martin Kendrick, Aline Lemos, Claire Maciejewski, Chris McCague, Rebecca McCormick, Rory McGregor, Sarah MacDonald, Naeem Mahmood, Sam Metcalf, Drew Millward, Jamie Milton, Chris Moffatt, Moker, Tom Morris, Ed Newton, Jim Parry, Michael Pearson, Catherine Porteous, Yasmin Prebble, Dave Procter, Eloise Quince, Joe Richardson, Mike Riley, Tony Robinson, Rhyannon Rodriguez-Lewis, Kiran Sagar, Joe de Saulles, Chris Sharpe, Frazer Shelton, David Shepperd, John Sherman, Lauren Smith, Lydia Smith, Chris Stanley, James Stewart, Matt Sweeney, Lee Swinford, Gavin Tate, Laura Tate, Allan Taylor, Belinda Troup, Sonia Waterfield, Mark Whiffin, Jenny Williams, Stacey Wilkinson, Sunny Winter,Nick Wood, Andrew Wyld, Natasha Wynarczyk, Yaffle