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autumn 2017

time out... we're having a brief pause here while moving some stuff around, upgrading some software, maybe getting a new website - basically all the stuff we should have done in about 2007. We'll be back online in some form or other shortly - apologies until then!

...please contact us for our submissions guidelines, we will answer as soon as we can with details...

write for us...
...we have CDs, you have a little spare time, an interest in music, and a basic grasp of the English language - couldn't be simpler. Send us an email if you are interested...

Latest Singles/EPs...

Sammy Brue
Ben Marwood
Dig Deeper
Moon Duo
Souvenir Driver

Latest Albums...

A-Sun Amissa
Fujiya And Miyagi
Thurston Moore
The Fall

Jake Xerxes Fussell


Latest Interviews...
Howie B
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